Bernmar Construction | About Us
BernMar Construction Ltd. is based at 514 Kentyre Road, Harrington, PE and has been since 1999. The company is owned and operated by Mark Linzel and Bernie Dykerman, licensed carpenters, who have a combined total of 50 years experience in the construction industry.

The company started in 1998 as a result of talks between Bernie and Mark who were currently working together at another firm. They saw an opportunity to grow a business for themselves given the experience that they had in the industry and the support they had from others. We incorporated in 2000. After constructing a large potato storage warehouse in 1998 and our first modern dairy facility in 1999, we established a firm foothold in the agriculture industry on P.E.I. We have a lot of experience and have earned a reputation for building modern state of the art dairy facilities, potato storage facilities, potato packaging plants, etc. Construction of many turn-key higher end and high efficiency homes as well as some major renovation projects have also earned us a reputation as a quality builder in the residential sector.

We are always on the lookout for better products, more efficient building techniques and better tools and equipment in order to provide the best product for our customer at a competitive price. This also provides a safe and productive environment for our employees.

Bernmar Construction, Prince Edward Island, Canada