Bernmar Construction | Our Testimonials

Jim & Suzanne Ramsay
Thornhill, Ontario/St. Peters Bay, P.E.I.

July, 2006

To whom it may concern,

This letter is being written as a testimonial for BernMar Construction.

In June, 2004, we began an extensive interview process with several, highly recommended Island contractors.  Our plan was to build a 2400 sq. ft. home with veranda, screened porch, deck and full basement on our P.E. Island waterfront property.

From the outset, Mark Linzel and Bernie Dykerman demonstrated real interest and engagement in our project.  This, and their willingness to commit to a detailed contract, including a staged activity plan with completion dates, led us to retain their services in February, 2005.

Both the process and the project were a great success.  Communication via phone, e-mail, photos, fax and mail maintained our off-site involvement.  Creative problem-solving was always a team effort as we explored options and improvements.  Mark Linzel met with us regularly both on-site and with suppliers.  His personal caring and commitment were outstanding.

Our very positive experience leads us to recommend BernMar Construction with full confidence.


Jim & Suzanne Ramsay

Bernmar Construction, Prince Edward Island, Canada